Can you bath a dog who is nursing puppies?


Izzy asks:

My dog recently gave birth. It has been about two weeks since the puppies were born.
She is in need of a bath, but is it safe to give her a bath while she is nursing?

If I can, what should I use? I have a dog shampoo I bought before she gave birth.
She does not mind being away from them. Actually we’ve taken her driving for a small amount of time. So that is not problem.

Best answer:

Answer by Celine
Bathing has no effect on a dog that’s nursing. It won’t matter if you use the regular shampoo, it won’t do anything to your dog, its body, or its babies.

2 thoughts on “Can you bath a dog who is nursing puppies?

  1. Not a good idea for several reasons. One, she’s nursing – the puppies are going to get the residue of the shampoo. And most importantly, she’s going to be too stressed out being away from her litter for the length of time it takes to bath her and get her 100% dry (which you need to do or the puppies will get a chill).

    If she’s messy from whelping, brush her out and use unscented baby wipes for now. She’ll be happy enough to be away from her litter in another week or 2.

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