Can I use regular window curtains as a shower curtain?

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♥RN♥ asks:

I know i CAN but is it werid? or wrong? They have such a better variety! Any suggestions for a cheap pretty shower curtain?

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Answer by WildRockMan
Not recommended – they will go mouldy very quickly!

10 thoughts on “Can I use regular window curtains as a shower curtain?

  1. If you hang a plastic liner with them as the inside waterproofing.

    However, I think you will find that getting a regular curtain onto the shower curtain rod and keeping it from ripping down is a real nuisance.

  2. You sure can! Nothing weird or wrong about it. But you will need a liner–try one of the newer fabric ones. The water just runs off those as well as the old vinyl liners. Check the fabric care instructions on both; I think you can wash and dry the fabric shower curtains in a dryer as well. Remember, the liner has to hang inside the tub, but the curtains can stay on the outside. Watch the humidity in the bathroom–if you leave it steamy and don’t run the exhaust fan, they can mildew. If it is high humidity for a few days, wash and dry them to prevent mildew forming.

  3. In most cases window curtains are most expensive!
    Be aware that most shower curtains are 70″ long. “Off the shelf” curtains are usually 60″ and 84″. If you get a 70″ curtain, you can use a liner with it (liners run about $ 4). But make sure the window curtain is made of a durable, machine washable material- like cotton.

    If you are really on a budget, why not go for vinyl?
    You can always get a fun/designer vinyl shower curtain. They usually start around $ 15, and they have some fun ones at Bed Bath and Beyond and Target. You won’t think twice about replacing it if you have to, and can change it without much regret if you move, or get the urge.

    In my opinion, overly fancy bathrooms with lots of cloth and ceramics are bit off-putting. Go for a fresh, clean style that’s easy to clean and maintain.

  4. Yes, but you need a plastic liner between the pretty curtains and the water. they can both hang from the same curtain rings. try to keep the plastic liner inside the tub and the more delicate fabric outside the tub.

  5. YES! I use regular curtains and they look fine. Use a shower curtain liner and wash them both regularly. I’ve never had any issues with mold or mildew on either curtain.

  6. Of course you can. Custom and many manufactured shower curtains are made from fabric without water proof backing. You can even hang them from regular curtain rods (ask for the proper hardware at the home improvement stores). There are nice “hotel” style shower curtain liners in the home stores that will prevent your curtain from getting wet and they aren’t expensive and they aren’t plastic. Nothing is weird or wrong in your own home if you love it. Designers often go outside the box to add personality and flair to a home. Go far it!

  7. No sorry, but nothing is free or cheap in this world, but if everyone got what they wanted, you would have nothing to wish for!

  8. yeah, as long as it is either water resistant, or, there is a clear shower curtain on the inside of the shower sot hat teh water does not soak through the material!

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