Can I edit a downloadable issue of a magazine using a computer program?

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fifthlostboy asks:

There is a magazine, which has done a photoshoot of a celebrity and I would like to get the photos, but without all the text/articles on them. Now, on the magazine’s official site, it allows you to download the entire magazine as a .pdf file. When I open the .pdf file, it allows me to highlight the text, but it doesn’t allow me to delete it. However, is there a computer program, which WOULD allow me to remove the text?

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Answer by Techwing
PDF files are specifically designed to prevent what you want to do. They are intended as a final document format, and they are made difficult to modify to prevent people from stealing copyrighted content.

There are some third-party products that let you make changes to PDFs and sometimes extra material from them. Adobe Acrobat Professional (which isn’t free) lets you make limited changes to PDFs if you have permission to do so.

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  1. If you have the full version of acrobat (not acrobat reader) you can just go to the top pull downs: Advanced > Document Processing > Export All Images…

    That will dump all the images and just the images in the document to the folder you set. Now there is a possibility of bastardization of the images if transparency effects have been used over the images and they have been flattened on the generation of the pdf. Also another thing with transparency and flattening some of the images may get chopped up like a puzzle. If so, when exported each piece will be an individual file.

    Another problem, most times Magazines or other corporate PDFs have security enabled to prevent editing so you won’t be allowed to make any changes or dump pictures without removing it. Lots of programs that do that. ie :Mac: PDFKey Pro or PC: Advanced PDF Password Recovery

    among others…

    Just if you want to know, the big guns for pdf editing:
    Enfocus Pitstop Pro ($ 699) which is a plugin for the full version of Acrobat ($ 299+) for PC & Mac.
    Enfocus Pitstop Extreme ($ 1,999), is a standalone editor for PC & Mac
    EskoArtwork Neo (was $ 6,000 in 2008), standalone editor, was originally Enfocus Neo, Mac only.


  2. PDF is not designed as an import format to be converted to another format. It is designed as an output format. PDF is always created from other source documents; the thought has always been that if you wanted to change it or convert it. So you may need a third party plugin to help you to remove the text, I usually use a PDFeditor to make the pdf editable. You can have a try Good luck~

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