25 thoughts on “Blues Traveler – Hook

  1. @ugeneknight they are both talentless…. They sum up half of the mainstream radio… they have absent minded fans who accuse our ability to not like them on the fact that we aren’t as popular as them… they are the same minus skin color and sex.

  2. @TheSkippyJonJones You obviously don’t listen to Lil Wayne or know anything about him… Kesha yes I agree (retawwwwwded). But you are obviously some middle age, i’d say 33-40 year old who listens to your friends and peers talk about how rap is bad music and don’t make opinions by yourself. By the way…this is a sweet Blues Traveler song that reminds me of the summertime and has nothing to do with Weezy or Ke$ha..I’m out

    P.S. Don’t respond, because I don’t want to have to school you again

  3. Remember when you could watch a video without having to sit through a commercial?

    Remember when music videos were uploaded by users and not VEVO

    Remember when all the info was to the right of the video?

    Remember you could rate a video 1-5 stars?

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    Remember when the users controlled the site and now corporations?


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  4. @paulinotou i dont know what to say that you can belittle this song w/ kesha and lil wayne you dont get it do you you must be a member of the gop this song is way to deep for you let it go

  5. @ugeneknight Ha. haha. First. I am 19. Second, I form my own opinions. I think they both suck because they have no talent. That is mine, along with alot of peoples OPINIONS. Third. I love this song as well. But really, what does Wayne have to offer? I can name 3 rappers that you probably haven’t heard of that are ten times better than him. And, Schooled? Honestly, you didn’t school a damn thing. Just a bunch of assumptions. Also, I can’t take anything seriously from someone who favorites N’Sync.

  6. @ugeneknight That was called getting schooled. Here is a hint, Don’t challenge a music major to a music debate. Please hand in your card on the way out.

  7. @gyknowcologist1 i know its great….no matter what he says the hook will always bring you back, which is what makes this song great. fat boy has mad skill on the harmonica too.

  8. @TheAziatic1 removin the comment huh you fuckin faggot? so because i listen to rap that means i cant like other music? i was simply agreeing with you and you have to be a fuckin bitch about it? so ill end this shit with a fuck you and a have a nice day

  9. @laciebaby I write down the lyrics for all the good songs I hear on the radio, then search until I find it. Youtube is actually better than Google for some of them. Thank god they now have their playlists online.

  10. LOL I love this song, a song about how, it doesn’t matter what you say in a song as long as long as you have a catchy hook…so fucking meta X_X

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