Removing old shower to install tub?

Shower Hook

questions for all asks:

We have an old small shower that we want to take out and install a bathtub. We know that we will need a plumber to move the plumbing over one wall, the current knobs and shower head shoot north to south and need to go east to west. The drain should be pretty close, may need to move a bit front or back. If I bought materials and took out the old shower, how much would a plumber charge to hook up the tub for us? We will tile, caulk, etc.


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Answer by Amulek
Easiest answer is to call 3 to 5 plumbers and get some bids. Different area require different wages. Get some bids.

How to make eggs in a basket using egg whites?


Sophie asks:

I want to make eggs in a basket (toast with a cut out center with egg in the middle), but I typically don’t like to eat the yolk of the egg. Is it possible to make it using egg whites (it is the liquid kind)? Would I cook it the same way?

Thanks for any help and sorry for all of the questions.

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Answer by spociask
I make mine a different way. It’s called eggs in a nest. You can make these with or without yolks

Preheat oven to 350. Use foil to line your sheet pan (these will stick somewhat to the pan), and grease the surface with cooking spray. Put your bread slices (with hole cut out in them) on the sheet.

Separate the yolks and the whites (keeping each yolk in its half egg shell), then whip up the whites into a meringue (with a little bit of cream of tartar) untill stiff peaks form. Then scoop the whites into a pile into the hole cut in the bread, make a dent with a spoon, add a bit of butter, teaspoon of cream and then put the intact yolk back into that dent (this is the normal way). Salt and pepper on top.

Bake them about 8 minutes at 350. Till the whites start to turn a little golden on the surface. Remove from pan with a spatula. It’s a great breakfast to impress someone!

If you don’t want to put the yolk back in, add something else. Crumbled bacon maybe. Shredded cheese. Both! Maybe some chopped tomatoes, and chives. A few mushroom buttons.

Mmmm… I’m hungry.

How to get rid of plastic smell from new shower curtain liner?

Shower Curtain

Hooray for Everything asks:

A week ago I got a new plastic shower curtain liner and hung it up. It gave off a strong plastic smell (I don’t know how else to describe it), but that wasn’t unexpected for a new plastic curtain. But, it is still giving off that strong plastic odor seven days later.

What can I do to get rid of the plastic odor?

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Answer by Smokin Jim
In the washing machine on the gentle cycle. Use some laundry soap and it will probably smell a whole lot better.

I want to get my son a charging station for his PS3 controllers?

Charging Station

browneyedbeautifulbeauty asks:

Any suggestions on the best brand to get? Fast charging and not to expensive? Thanks for your help

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Answer by Adrian
These are the best and most commonly used chargers.

Choose depending on the amount of controllers you have 🙂

I need a large shower curtain rod to fit my shower/bath. They do not make rods larger than 72inches?

Shower Rod

Milania calls me Mama asks:

I need a large shower curtain rod to fit my shower/bath. They do not make rods larger than 72inches? We live in a log cabing and have a very large jacuzzi/shower. I need abour 78 inches. What can I do or is there anywhere that sells larger curtain rods?? Thanks!!

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Answer by Soldier’s Girl
Few bathtubs are longer then 72 inches. On HGTV they often use curtain rods when they need a larger size.

How can I close a drawer that is keeping me from opening the door its behind?


Ciao. asks:

For some reason a drawer behind my closet door is open and I can’t open the door. It’s so small and a can’t fit my hand through it. Any help?

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Answer by rudy12
you have to remove the 2 pins , on the doors latch , you know the metal bracket connecting door to the door frame. tap out pins with hammer and screw driver,remove door fix whats behind. if your a cup cake , get a man to help you . good luck