Where to find music-themed items for a bedroom? Open to suggestions on decor and organization as well…?

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Theatrical Violinist asks:

I am trying to brainstorm ideas for things to add to my bedroom that are music-themed; I play violin.
I would like to be able to make my room appealing to the eye, but yet practical in terms of storage.
I have done web searches for home decor items that are music-themed, but when I search for them using the term “Music Themed Decor” or “Music Themed Bedroom”, I have mainly been presented with guides, not actual websites where things could be ordered.

Here is a link to a rough sketch of my bedroom. It’s not to scale, but it gives a general idea of its current format: http://i970.photobucket.com/albums/ae187/ViolinistInBlack/random/bedroommodel-nottoscale.png

Here are some of the things that I have to work with already, as well as a few of the ideas I had in mind:
~I cannot paint the walls(however, they are already white), but I can hang up posters.
~In addition to a twin-sized bed, I have a desk and chair, dresser, nightstand, and bookshelf(thinking about getting rid of it and finding another alternative though…)
~Between my bed and bookshelf, there is a brass/gold-colored lamp mounted on the wall
~There is a space approximately 5 1/2 feet x 7 feet in the middle of the room where I could add a rug and possibly a floor pillow or two that could be stored under the bed, in the desk chair, or just to a side while not in use.
~I already have a framed portrait of a violin
~I also have this throw in my room, and am planning on finding a white quilt to go underneath it for bedding: http://www.currentcatalog.com/601713.html
~I initially have pictured a color scheme of black and white with hints of either dark red or green, brown, gold, and silver, but am willing to look at other examples of color schemes.
~Storage and clutter build-up is a bit of an issue in my room. I have my bed on risers and have plastic drawers underneath, but that only solves part of the problem. Possibly a smaller, shorter storage unit with music notes on it? Or small wall shelves?
~If I do get rid of the bookshelf and go with a smaller storage unit, the smaller unit will go under the window and the nightstand will go next to my bed.
~Ideally, the finished product would have a permanent space for practicing (possibly with a stool added in that could be moved to the center of the room), as well as a small area for storage of part of a doll collection (no larger than 1 foot x 2 feet x 2 feet; it is currently located between the desk and nightstand)
~I would also like to be able to have a small table(either doubling as or going over the previously mentioned storage unit) of some type in front of the window for a small plant or vase of flowers or two, but it is completely optional.

Where could I find some things that could be used to design/decorate my room and yet make use of as much storage space as possible at the same time(also willing to look at stores that are not online)?
Any suggestions on how to go about doing so?
And do you think that I should get rid of the bookshelf?

Thanks a bunch! 🙂
“Why is your nightstand behind your bed rather than next to it? ”

I forgot to mention that the nightstand is in front of the bed instead of behind it. My bad. :-p

That is actually the only place that it will fit at the moment. The space between my bed and the bookshelf is too small for the nightstand.

The main reasons that I am looking at getting rid of the bookshelf are:
~Being able to have the ability to move the nightstand next to my bed, since the bookshelf is too tall to go in front of the window.
~It has encouraged more clutter build-up, believe it or not. It’s at too convenient of a spot to pile stuff on to, so getting rid of it would be a way to possibly reduce the cluttered look of the room a bit.
I did end up moving the bookshelf out of my room today. I’ve decided to look for something smaller that will go under the window that could potentially double as a table or place to put plants and stuff. I’ve decided to go with this idea because it makes the room appear a little bit larger. I’m still looking for the shorter bookshelf though. 🙂

Best answer:

Answer by Kate
Your room seems really strangely arranged. Why is your nightstand behind your bed rather than next to it?

As for furniture, if storage is an issue, you do not want to replace a tall bookshelf with a small bookshelf. You want to increase storage. One thing that might work is to ditch the bookcase and the doll storage and replace it with something like this http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S39862309 or this http://www.ikea.com/us/en/catalog/products/S29842623 (this may not work with non white furniture)

My guess is that you aren’t using the space you have well. It looks like a small room, in which case you want furniture that is narrow but tall when possible. You shouldn’t need a seperate doll storage area, you should be able to combine that with a desk, bookcase or dresser OR find some empty wall space and hang shelves. Forget the table with a plant. Your room looks cramped already and there is no reason a plant can’t go on a dresser or desk.

It really seems like sorting out the furniture is the major issue, but here is some musical decor:

I wouldn’t go overboard with musical notes or violins- 2-3 items of each MAX. One way to mix it up would be to find posters of famous music festivals and frame them to match your decor. http://www.lincolncenter.org/merchandise.asp

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