Where can i find/get a cute pencil case and planner for school?

Pencil Case

Erica asks:

they don’t have to match or anything but i want a pencil case thats unique and same goes for the planner. please and thankyou!

Best answer:

Answer by Julia Gradiski
you should try walmart. they have really nice stuff for low prices. i got my pencil case there and i love it:)

2 thoughts on “Where can i find/get a cute pencil case and planner for school?

  1. Hey! i know, i love finding unique pouches that no one will have. These ones below are a little pricier but they are totally IN style and worth the extra $ $ $ .

    Vera bradley:

    tons of different fun styles to choose from!


    check out all the school +office section on verabradley.com —lots of cute stuff!

    vintage and handmade items:


    local stores:

    -i know target has alot of cute inexpensive planners and pouches.
    -i got a planner @ victoria’s secret pink last year that was cheap and cute!

    you could also search around Coach handbags (i know they have planners) and other online stores

    *****hope this helps 🙂

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