Where can I find replacement towel bars for ceramic holders?


Mom2GIQM asks:

Our bathrooms have these ceramic ends for the towel bars, but the stupid bar is plastic & eventually it cracks, then breaks. I would tear them all out EXCEPT that two of them are part of the ceramic-tiled shower walls. Does anyone know of a replacement towel bar for these wonderful towel holders?

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Answer by 80’s kid
Most of those are not replaceable unless you take out one of the tile ends too. Try a good tile store that specializes in bathroom fixtures and bath tile.
Or, try a place that specializes in bathroom renovations.

If you measure the towel bar, I’m sure you can get a spring-loaded towel bar that you can replace these with, or an adjustable bar like the ones for shower curtains. You may even be able to custom make an adjustable bar online.

2 thoughts on “Where can I find replacement towel bars for ceramic holders?

  1. Don’t take them out. What you do is get another plastic bar. put one end of the bar into the ceramic holder. mark the bar at the end that is to long just as it touches the other ceramic holder cut the plastic bar at that point. Now put the bar in the holder and move the bar 1/4″ to 3/8″ in the other holder. Caulk both ends with a clear silicone where the bar and the ceramic holder meet.
    allow the caulking to dry.
    That should do it.

    I’m a builder.
    I replace them all the time with out replacing the ceramic holders

    There are tricks to everything you just need to know how.

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