Where can I find a REALLY STRONG suction hook for the shower wall?

Shower Hook

As You Wish asks:

I just realized my shower caddy which I just bought doesnt fit correctly over the metal part of the shower head (it gets in the way of the hose). I want to find a really strong suction hook that way I can just hang it from the wall. Ive checked some sites but they all dont seem to be that strong (I want it to be able to hold a full shower caddy). Can you give me any ideas as to what stores or online sites I can find one?

If you want to include links, that would be appreciated too…thanks!

Best answer:

Answer by chicagirl51
I found some strong ones at walmart in the bathroom accessory area. The hook part moves and locks the suction in. I would use several for your shower caddy. One for the top and place a couple on the bottom.
Or you could do what I did…on the opposite side of the shower head I put a long screw hook into the wall into a plastic anchor in the sheet rock right above the shower enclosure and hooked my shower caddy over that. It works much better and you can get to your shampoo and soap without water getting in your face!

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