Whats a good alternative to a filing cabinet?

Shoe Cabinet

øº°DK°ºø asks:

My apt is packed with furniture, plus 2 small desks (w/ out drawers) for 2 diff. computers. No room for a filing cabinet, not even a small one. I put all the important documents in the plastic drawer cabinets I have stuffed in my only closet. I’ve been using a shoe box lately, but um…ya I needa try somethin else…
maybe something that I can hang on a wall? not too expensive…

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Answer by chillin
Staples and other office supply stores carry wall filing systems. They also carry filing boxes. But you say you don’t have the room


3 thoughts on “Whats a good alternative to a filing cabinet?

  1. Have you thought about maybe creating an electric filing system? Buying a scanner (they also have receipt scanners) so everything can be saved on your comp. If that is not the answer for you, buying a hutch or something that can go on top of the comp, so you can utilize that space, might work.

  2. Maybe you could buy a cubical wall shelf, that way in each one you can fix a metal box with a tag in the front to indicate what each one holds. You might want to organize it by category. With limited space in your apartment, its good to use one wall preferably next to your desks to be able to see each box on the wall shelf facing towards you. There are some amazing wood or metal shelves and boxes with tags for organization at many stores. You may want to try Expo or Ikea for appealing and affordable items 🙂

  3. Try a folder with multiple expandable pockets,then you can put the folder in closet,dresser drawer,… do you have an extra drawer in kitchen maybe or a rubber made storage box that fits under bed/sofa,Robin

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