What kind of shelf paper can I use on a surface where contact paper wont stay down?


karen c asks:

I’m renting the house so I cant replace any wood, but the surface under my sink had some contact paper on it and when I removed it there is a sticky film. When I try to put contact paper back down it wont stick. I’ve noticed alot of the contact paper isnt very sticky anymore. Any ideas what I could use for a shelf covering?

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Answer by Jen
I have a few suggestions for you.

The hardest but best looking option would be to measure the space that you are trying to repair and take the measurements to a lumber shop. Have one of the lovely employs cut you a piece of thin plywood in the dimensions that you need then give it a light sanding and a quick coat of polyurethane and pop it into place on top of the old shelf.

If this is inconceivable, they sell this shelf paper that is rubber and it looks like a checker board or mesh is you will. Get it in the color you prefer and just roll it out.

If that still isn’t working for you, you could pick up some Goof Off and clean up the old glue and then put down new contact paper.

Hope this helps.


3 thoughts on “What kind of shelf paper can I use on a surface where contact paper wont stay down?

  1. You mentioned under the sink. I had some very nice linoleum left over from my bathroom floor and cut it to fit under my bathroom and kithen sinks. It looks nice, very easy to clean and lasts for a very long time, and of course very sturdy. Check any flooring store to see if they have any small pieces left over from jobs. For the cupboard shelves, I recommend the rubberized shelf coverings that come in a roll and in different colors. Keeps the dishes from sliding, and looks nice, and you don’t have to worry about any sticky surface that drives you nuts trying to put it in place.

  2. Rubbermaid makes a waffle-like shelf liner that will stay in place. I use it in my drawers because bugs don’t like it. Insects tend to get under paper and sometimes they will breed there. This “rubber” shelf liner is great.

  3. If you go to a Linen-N-Things they have stuff that is similar to contact paper, but it has a rubbery surface, so that your plates and glasses stay in place. Sorry can’t recall the actual name of the product.

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