What is the shelf life of these makeup products?


EnnSam asks:

I have some opened makeup products and was wondering what their shelf life is. By the way, is it bad for your skin to use old makeup? Anyway, I was wondering about mascara, eye liner, lip gloss, as well as facial cleansers and moisturizers. Thanks so much!

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Answer by gina
eyeliner might dry out but it probably is fine for awhile. mascara has a shelf live of about 6 months. lipgloss might dry out too, but can go for long if used daily. facial care can last a long time too.

2 thoughts on “What is the shelf life of these makeup products?

  1. mascara- 1-2 months
    eyeliner- 5-6 months
    lip gloss- 1 year (shorter if exposed to a lot of heat)
    facial cleaners- 1 year
    moisturizers- 5-6 months to a year
    Mineral makeup should be replaced after 2 years, but doesn’t really expire.
    Mineral makeup is the only makeup I have used that isn’t that bad for skin…

  2. you should throw any opened makeup away…3 mos.replace all make up.especially mascara,and foundation. don’t let anyone else use your make-up.

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