What is the shelf life of opened refrigerated wine?


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How long does wine last if opened and refrigerated? I use wine for cooking only and store it in the refrigerator. I’m not sure if the bottles I currently have are still good or if they’ve passed their shelf life, especially being wine.

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Answer by designtwilight
Wine, especially if its cooking wine (which has salts added) is good for at least six months to a year after opening if always refrigerated.

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  1. To give your wine leftovers the longest life, recork and refrigerate them―even reds (they come up to drinking temperature soon after being poured). Most whites hold well for two days; reds for three. After that you can freeze leftover wine in ice-cube trays and use the cubes for cooking.

    Below is a list of some things to be aware of when you store your wine.

    1) You want to maintain a constant cool temperature. Between 53 – 59 decrees Farenheit. You don’t want fluctuations in the temperature.

    2) You want fairly high humidity. Humidity levels should be between 70% and 95%.

    3) You want to protect your wine from vibration. That’s why you need to make sure the wine refrigerator you buy has a vibration dampening system.

    4) You don’t want to expose your wine to excessive light. Ultraviolet light can be very damaging to wine.

    5) You don’t want to store your wine in an area that has a lot of odors such as chemicals and paints

  2. If you’re planning on drinking it I would recommend drinking it within a few days, unless you have a vacuum pump wine preserver. The preserver takes all the air out of the bottle, so the wine can’t oxidize anymore, oxidization is what makes it “go bad.” The longest I’ve kept “preserved” wine in the fridge is about 2 weeks, but when i opened it again, it tasted the same as it did the day i opened it.

    If you’re using it for cooking, you can keep it for months.

  3. not very long it would only be good for a day or two because the tannins break down causing the wine to become very bitter unless you have a vacuum sealer for the bottle and they only cost 8$ then the wine will bo good for a week or two

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