What is the best type of guitar wall hanger to get?


Guitar player 17 asks:

Im going to buy a Glen Burton Alien (copy of the Silvertone Apocalypse Paul Stanley guitar) and it cant be stored on a guitar rack or stand, so im thinking a wall hanger is the way to go. Im wondering what is the BEST possible guitar wall hanger that I can buy? I want something that is built to last, heavy duty, and something I can trust wont fall off the wall and hurt my guitar.

Best answer:

Answer by misantropology
I recently bought a Hercules. It is designed so the front has to arms that prevent the guitar from sliding forward off the hanger. When you lift the guitar, the arms automatically open. I have a Fender Dreadnought Grand Acoustic (solid wood and very heavy) hanging on it, and it is holding very well. Make sure you follow the directions when you install it. You’ll want to make sure you use a drill to make uniform holes, and the proper studs inside the holes for your type of wall.

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