What effect does bath water have on your body?


theminard@sbcglobal.net asks:

After I run warm bath water, why is it that from my ribs up it is cooler then from my ribs down it is warmer. This is even after the faucet is shut off.
Forgot to mention that I’m talking about when all of my body is submerged under water; That pretty much rules out every one of your answers. Any help from anyone else please.

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Answer by uninnocent21
i can’t even believe this is being asked, but it is because the lower part of the body is still submerged under water, and the water is warm, and the exposed skin is cooler from the exposure to the air

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  1. here’s a thought…your lower ribs are closer to the faucet, which is the direction where the hot water was coming from. So even with the water turned off, the water hasn’t had the chance to fully mix, explaining why it’s warmer down by your lower half.

  2. The fact that you are completely submerged means that it is probably because of your liver. Your liver is basically a huge chemical plant and all those chemical reactions produce a lot of heat. The liver is positioned just below the ribs on the right hand side. There’s also your intestines probucing heat, and the fact that your legs have a lot more muscle than your chest does, unless your some kind of body builder. The muscle also produces heat even if it’s not doing anything.

    This is just me hypothesising, but i am an A-level biology student and it’s more relevant than anything anyone else has come up with.

  3. Your bath water is probably heavilly contaminated with dihydrogen monoxide and that’s why you are getting the strange sensations. Take a sample of your bath water to a chemical laboratory and ask them to test for dihydrogen monoxide contamination.

    Dihydrogen monoxide is responsible for more deaths every year than any other chemical.

  4. Well, if you believe anything those other people said – you’d probably be right to do so. As for me, I would give you a smarta$ $ answer like this, “The dirt ,that you’ve worn all month, on the lower part of your body – which is submerged, is falling off your body; giving your skin a much needed exposure to the elements. In this case, some bath water. If you find a solid bar nearby of some type of substance, that’s called soap. You might want to grab some – just don’t stare at it, wet it and rub it against your skin. It could assist you in removing some of that funk you’ve caked up over the last few weeks! As for the top half of your body; it’s cooler because the dirt that’s clogging up your pours have tiny ice crystals on them that have formed from the airconditioning. You really need to get the dirt from around this area also! Especially, around the face and neck area – for awhile there it looked as if you had a ‘Darth Vader’ mask on!” lol – I’m just kiddin’

  5. The part of your body that is under water is warmer because the water is warm and is warming the skin that is touching it (the water). The part of your body that is above water is cooler because it is still exposed to the ambient temperature of the room and is not as warm as the water. I have to agree with one of your other answerer’s – don’t take a bath – take a shower and you won’t have to worry about warmth cause it won’t take you that long to shower.

  6. Dude, I’m concerned about your well-being. I’m not a doctor, but my aunt’s brother-in-law’s friend’s son is and if he saw this question he would recommend you seek a doctor’s opinion ASAP. I think this has something to do with your body’s circulation and I bet you have cancer. Sorry I had to be the one to tell you.

  7. ummm cause from your waist down is in the warm water hence no air.and above no water just air hence cool..i dont know where your from,but round here the effect may result in being clean..just take a shower if your this confused

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