What does “a basket by the door” signify on a party invitation?


debodun asks:

I’ve received an invitation to a birthday party of a relative. The invitation indicated that there would be a “basket by the door.” What is that?

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Answer by Snowie
Soliciting money.

8 thoughts on “What does “a basket by the door” signify on a party invitation?

  1. They are asking you to bring money as a gift and drop it in the basket. It’s like a wishing well wedding, except even worse. In other words, your very tacky relative is charging admission for the party. Rude, rude, tacky, tacky.

  2. I have never heard that before. How tacky to expect people to pay for a party you are throwing to honor yourself!

    I’d send my regrets.

  3. They want “money money money!” Enclose your modest contribution in a birthday card with your name signed to it. If you want to emphasize how tacky the whole idea is, write the amount too. Seal the envelope. Maybe you’ll even get a thank-you note some day.

  4. It`s a “politically correct” way of saying “no gift ……no come” !!

    You can get even by buying a cheap trinket at a Dollar store , like a toenail file …. a pair of shoelaces …. a personal pack of kleenex …. or a box of toothpicks …. and wrapping it in a large box with holiday paper and ribbons !

    Go to the party …. bring your friends , lots of them ….drop your “gift” in the basket …. eat and drink till you`re ready to puke …. and all it cost you was a buck !!

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