What are some prices for luxury bath liners?


uniquelyaquarian asks:

Can as many people as possible please tell me how much their luxury bath system was. I want an average price and can’t find it anywhere on the net. I know that bathrooms are different and it depends on the work done. I just want some idea from as many consumers as possible. Thank you! If you used re-bath or bathfitters you can throw those in too, although I WONT deal with bathfitters.

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Answer by Adam B
There are to many options to find a price. It’s kinda like calling a car dealer and asking how much a car is. Are you looking for a New Decked out Caddy or a Used Ford Focus, Leather, CD, Chrome……
With tubs a big factor will depend on what tub you have. There are literally thousands of different liners. Another is color. Do you want solid colors? Marbles, Granites, Tile Looks?

Typically to do a New Tub, New Walls, Get somewhat fancy with accessories, New Moen Plumbing. Installation and Taxes. It could be a starting point of around $ 2,500 – going all the way up to $ 5,500. Using financing with no money down, It could be between $ 50 – $ 175.00 per month.

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