Voltage divider tutorial

This video shows the basics of voltages dividers and how to build one. Power consumption considerations and equivalent series resistance issues are also discussed. Don’t forget to vote 5!

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20 thoughts on “Voltage divider tutorial

  1. Please do one on op-amps–but how to add a tone control to a simple audio amplifier. Even small passive control. The basics of tone controls.
    I like KipKay–but your stuff is brainier. Therefore better. I bought an oscilloscope because of you.

  2. You open the way for me, more on ‘properly driving a transistor!’. Glad to see fresh videos but more importantly educational.

  3. @Shekinahguild if you still haven’t found your answers send me a message and i’ll link you up to some docs, which present in a simple way the equations needed for common emitter, common collector and common base configurations of a transistor. using those you can easily build a class A amplifier. i calculated and built a headphone amp and it sounds great.

    of course, class A draws lots of power so you’ll want to progress to more efficient design, but it’s a good start.

  4. @OCDADVENTURES101 Get better at algebra then you will easily be able to use the formulas I gave in the video to calculate the resistor values. For more current, build a circuit based on an LM317.

  5. I have a really great review of voltage divider concepts at my website at engineersphere (.com) it is great for those of you who need to revisit the basics. Check it out! Plenty of examples and we make it easy to understand

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