Unboxed: Wii Remote Recharge Station (Psyclone Essentials)

This is an unboxing of the Wii Remote Recharge Station by Psyclone Essentials. So far everything seems to be working perfectly! Official product info can be found here: www.psyclonegamer.com Thanks for watching!

Video Rating: 4 / 5

25 thoughts on “Unboxed: Wii Remote Recharge Station (Psyclone Essentials)

  1. can someone help?wen i put in the controler but i only have the one where it has one slot and wen i did put in the controller to charge the light on the charger keeps flahing idk wat it means

  2. I am thinking about getting this my book order forumhad these in them and they are only $20 awesome deal compared to hastings which was $50.

  3. i have a black wii with black remote and these recheargeble batteries are white what can i do ????

    sorry about my english

  4. hey where did you buy this charge station at? i want one and do the batteries last 40 hours? i want it so i wont keep wasting batteries on my wii remote for using the internet channel too much lol and nice review 10/5

  5. plz help me i got a wii but i don’t no how to charge it it comes with nothing to charge with and it keeps popping up saying low battery! reply and that wud be great!:)

  6. did your charger damage ya remote because it says it will on all the sites i went to to check it out and i just wanted to know.. because after i bought it is when i researched it.. let me know thanks

  7. Hi, I have the same chraging station with the 2 batteries but one of them seems cracked so sometimes it does not function when put into the remote. Can I possibly replace the battery pack with normal Rechargable batteries?

  8. Gamers/ Wii owners this station sucks the best charging station is the InCharge station don’t have to remove the sleeves and it charges it. I will tell you a problem that I have found out I bought Flingsmash and a Wii Remote Plus came with it the Incharge battery pack fits and works fine. The only problem is the sleeve, don’t know if it’s the color or thickness of the sleeve because when I put it on the charging dock it does not charge it but it will with the clear sleeve.

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