PLEASE HELP if i take a shower before hooking up, will it pause my period?

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Janie Sumemrs asks:

I heard that hot showers can pause your period for a little bit? Is this true? are there any other ways to stop my period for even just a few hours, i just it today and i really want a couple hours tomorrow without it so that me and my boyfriend can hook up but not have sex. please help 🙁

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Answer by Christine
No. Nothing will stop your period from coming. It’s going to arrive when it arrives. I don’t know who is telling you these things but they are false.

9 thoughts on “PLEASE HELP if i take a shower before hooking up, will it pause my period?

  1. A shower won’t pause your period, it’ll just clean the pathway and more menstruation will come down.

    If you’re on the combined pill, or patch, just don’t have your 7 day break and that’ll stop your period for 1 cycle. But it’s not something you should do all the time. for medical advice.

    If you’re not on contraception, try a diaphragm, it’s contraception and will temporarily stop your menstruation coming down, but take it out as instructed!

    There is something called Moon Cup but I don’t know if it can be used during sex.

  2. That’s a myth. Some people believe that taking a shower, bath, or swimming will pause your period but it does not.

    You know how when you’re in the shower and you accidentally nick your leg while shaving, and you don’t realize how much it’s bleeding until you step out of the shower? It’s the same idea.

  3. I worry bout that sometimes too lol, like I wanna make out (I assume that’s what you mean when you say hook up) with my boyfriend but I don’t want it to be uncomfortable cuz of my period, or I don’t want him to notice, or have it leak or something
    well sorry but you can’t stop it
    but I guess I’m lucky, cuz even on my heavy days, it always manages to stop or take a break when I’m with him lol, I guess it’s cuz I’m not worrying about it
    So have a good time and try not think about it
    or wear a tampon just in case
    hope this helps =]

  4. I’m not sure where you got this idea but its new to me. No, having a hot shower will definitely not delay your period by any time at all. The only way to delay your period is by taking the pill. Any other methods will not work.

  5. hot shower will not do it,
    cold shower might,
    but if you take a bath at about 70 degrees f, and soak in it for 30 min, it will stop it

  6. No it will not delay your period. That is false information. Nothing will delay your period. When it is ready to come then it will 🙂

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