My kids do not take care of their pets .Can I make them get rid of them from my home?

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Len M asks:

My kids ( adults) do not clean the litterbox unless I get upset and make them do it. I last asked them to clean the box every other day and doesn’t seem to be unreasonable. All they have to do i dump the tray and insert a new one and add litter to the box as it is an electric self scooper littermaid box. Those house now reeks of cat urine and feces and is affecting my health.
I have tried to ask them for the last 5 months to keep it cleaned and dumped with no success. I now have written them a letter that they must remove their 3 cats from my home for failure to be responsible pet owners. The cats are all indoor cats. Do I have the legal right to make them remove the cats from my home?

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Answer by Joseph M
sell them

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  1. You need to use some tough love here…if the kids won’t do their part in caring for the pets, maybe the (adult) kids need to take some responsibility to find their own places to live. Then you could keep the cats (at least they would get good care from you!).

  2. have a nice long chat w/ your kids explain responsibility and why having a pet is apart of responsibility and wait a week or two and if there are no improvements take the pets and drop the pets at an animal shelter of some sort,

  3. You say your kids are (adults) I don’t know why they are not responsible enough to have a pet and not take care of it. The best thing I can tell you is yes you can have them removed legally but, what do you think is going to happen to your relationship with your “kids” Best way for a win for all hire a student to clean the little box. Let your children pay for it.
    Also is not healthy for a cat to have a dirty litter box. even though it is a self scooper it still needs to be cleaned every day even especially if you have more then one cat. Good Luck

  4. I can see it from both sides, you shouldn’t have to remind adult children to take care of their cat’s litter box. it’s not that hard of a task to do.

    But it isn’t fair to the cats to be dumped off at the shelter or have to have a new home which both are very stressful for the animal.

    you should do something like make them pay you or something for everytime you have to the litterbox for them or take something away from them. don’t punish the cats for your children’s irresponcibility.

  5. If it is your house you sure do. In fact if your kids are adults as well you can kick them out too. I would start looking for some good homes for the cats and in the meantime let your kids know what you are doing and maybe they will step up to the plate and take care of them or give them to a friend who will take care of them.

  6. It’s your kids and your home. If you let it get that bad you only have yourself to blame, not the kids. Almost all parents know that when there kid gets a pet that they will not take care of it and they ultimately get the responsibility. Writing a letter to them isn’t going to help any. Maybe you should take some parenting classes if that’s how you handle your kids behavior problems. As for the cats take them to the shelter, where they can have an owner who wants to take care of them.

  7. well yes you do have the right to make them remove the cats from your home – either that or you could threaten to sell them – i mean, they are your kids cats and if its affecting your health then they should be gone!

  8. Best solution – Drop your ‘kids’ off at the pound. The people there might knock some sense into them. It might help to leave them overnight in the kennels.

  9. ok any “adult” who can not bother to empty an aotomatic box
    does not deserve to have a pet call a rescue org and let them take them. It’s your house you have a right to have whetever you want or do not want in your house
    I have had cats all my life and thier litterbox is cleaned at least twice a day.
    Do they live thier in the same house/ Arent they tired off smelling cat poo?

  10. It’s your home & as adults, they shouldn’t need to be reminded to take care of THEIR pets. Five months is a long time to keep reminding your adult children to do their job. Nothing worse than a home that wreaks of cat urine/feces. Once the pets are gone, scrub your home with Pine Sol & spray Lysol or Febreeze.

  11. Yes, and I would remove them and their cats. If they can’t afford their own place as adults, they can’t afford pets. And they aren’t respecting you, your health or your home. They need to find their own places to live.

  12. Hell yes. As long as they are given to a good home. Dropping them off at the pound would be punishing the cats as well.

    Then again if the “kids” are adults and still acting that way, then they are probably too immature to understand anyway. Good luck.

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