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Well, I have my kids share a room. The 3 little girls (8 months old) in one huge room and the 3 little boys (4 years old) in another huge room (by huge I mean more than 60×60). Each room has 3-compartment laundry sorter labeled with the room name (girls, boys, mommy and daddy).

The first section is labeled lights and the second is labeled darks. Whenever they take off there clothes, they go into the correct section. When I wash the clothes I keep them together, then when they are dry, I don’t fold them, but put them in the third section. Each night, they get folded while I’m in bed (right before I go to sleep), then I put them in there drawers the next morning. How do you guys do it?
Well, we have all the things in the laundry room, but when I have clean clothes, I put it in my room.

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Answer by boysrustimes3
I have a laundry chute that goes into my basement. All of the laundry goes down the chute. Then I sort it into 6 different compartment (lights, whites, red/black, blues, and towels) and wash and fold all of it. My husband has just recently purchased a front loader 4 cubic foot capacity washer that is about to make my life a whole lot easier!

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  1. I stink at laundry. I hate it. There I said it. I hate laundry. I just devised a new plan though. Our laundry piles up and then gets done. It all goes on the laundry room floor…then it goes into piles ( Julianne’s, darks, whites, Daddy’s work, towels) then I do it and then it sits in baskets. Well I was tired of this. So now my son (3) has totes instead of dresser drawers ( he just threw it all over every time I put the clean into his dressers anyhow). I put Julianne’s away in her dressers, My hubby has one BIG tote for his stuff and mine gets put on a shelf in piles. Works for me and there is no dresser drama…lol. I know it isn’t normal and not too organized….but neither am I….lol.

  2. I put all our dirty clothes together the kids and me and my hubby have our own laundry basket and my mom has her own laundry basket and then once a week i do all the laundry by seperating the clothes dark. lights, jeans, towels, sheets, whites and reds, then i wash and fold and put in a huge laundry basket and put them away usually the next day as i have about 12 loads of laundry a week so it takes me morning till night…

  3. i just keep me and my daughter’s clothes together i don’t have time to wash clothes every day but i usually end up washing her clothes first because she needs onesies and socks and her pjs

  4. Laundry is my total downfall. I’m in an upstairs apartment and my laundry keeps growing and growing and I wash as I need items but not on a regular cycle. My goal is to get organized before my second baby comes in April. I need a miracle or a laundry fairy. You are great motivation for me to not make excuses and get my act together.

  5. We have a large, and I mean LARGE, laundry basket for dirty clothes in the laundry room and my husband and I have a hamper in our room. I just sort through it all in the large laundry basket and wash accordingly and the hamper in our room usually gets throw in all together. We use Clorox 2 so everything comes out nice and fresh. You have a really neat system for having so many children. Very cool.

  6. sounds to me like you’re doing great!!! wow, bravo!
    we have two laundry baskets, one for mom and dad and one for my daughter, i sort out the clothes right before i wash them, and fold them when they are dry and put them in drawers.

  7. There are the following rooms in my house:
    Mom & dad’s room- 1 hamper
    Jenna & Katelyn’s room- 1 hamper
    Connor’s room- 1 hamper
    Cory, Collin, Craig’s room- 1 hamper
    Me &Aidyn & Adrianna’s room- 1 hamper

    With one hamper, it encourages us to do the laundry. I usually walk around and bring all of the clothes down stairs, where me and the triplets sort it out (they’re only 2 and it’s just the cutest thing!!!!!) Then we put it washer, dryer and as each load comes out, it gets folded and put away IMMEDIATELY! in our house, it could sit in a basket for months (that happened once!) It’s a cycle that repeats and repeats. Whatever works for you, go with it!

  8. Wow, I’m amazed, good thing you have so much space for all those laundry sorters. I put a laundry basket in each room and everyday (almost) pick up appropriate kind of laundry that I’ll be doing. I’m very particular about the way I like it to be sorted and folded and organized in the closets so I do it myself. Besides, I have three boys, it is the easiest to do it myself, at least for now!

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