Is it legal to… car?

Last Patriot asks:

Id like to know if it is legal for me to build an under tray for my car. Then a rear diffuser..?

I dont know why i want to do this. I just think it would be cool to do so.

Best answer:

Answer by razzmire
mean like a skid plate? i wouldnt think that would be ilegal

2 thoughts on “Is it legal to… car?

  1. What ucant said, plus keep clear of the exhaust so ti won’t overheat and cause a fire (the catalytic converter can be over 1000 degrees) and that make sure it won’t interfere with the suspension.

  2. Its not illegal to do but you need to make sure that you build it correctly as well as making sure that its secure as well because of the liability issues that you will face if it should come apart and fall off.

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