I have a shower curtain with net bags, they have mold on them how do I get them clean?

Shower Curtain

ruby s asks:

Its a plastic shower curtain with these big net holders on the inside to store you shampoo or kids toys or whatever in. I love it but the nets are turning colors from the mold and I dont know how to get them clean.

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Answer by golightly1963
Wash it in the washer with bleach, hang dry.

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  1. I have one of those and it’s very prone to mold, too. I got mine from QVC.com and one of the caller people that called in on their “testimonials” line when I was looking to buy mine said she let hers sit in the washing machine in a bleach and water solution and then run through the wash cycle like normal. Or something like that. I just made a mental note for when I got mine. I have a front loading machine so I can’t do that, but I fold mine down and put it in a bucket of a bleach solution and let it sit overnight. Then it goes into the washing machine with no soap or bleach (I run the whole cycle — hoping all the agitation will loosen the mold). I have tried putting it in the dryer and it doesn’t do it any harm other than it comes out wrinkly and hanging it back up wet. Wet makes it straighter, but then you’re hanging a wet curtain up and starting the cycle again.

  2. try soaking them in a Clorox solution for1 hr a 1part Clorox to 4parts water should kill the mold spores and also bleach out the stains..then just put them through a gentle wash cycle

  3. The easiest would be to throw it into the washer with 1 cup bleach on a regular cycle then hang to dry. You could make a mixture of 2 tsp tea tree oil into 12 ounces warm water and then saturate the area and wipe clean. The tea tree oil is a wonderful anti-fungal that doesn’t stink or ruin things.

  4. scrub with soft or medium brush using Lysol… you will probably have a stain left… if so use Clorox full strength on them… the stain will go away quickly… let stand a min after that then rince compleatly

  5. Spray em down with lysol, wipe em off, then put em in the laundry in hot water (without other clothes) and use Borox. Borox and lysol are supposed to kill mold.
    Bleach is not supposed to be good against mold.

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