How To Wire – wire from work box to switch, another wire from work box to light?


mcfly1204 asks:

I have a hot wire feeding into a work box. I have another wire leaving the work box ending at a switch. A third wire leaves the work box and ends at a light. My question is, how should I connect the wires to complete the circuit properly?

Black source to switch, then use the white from the switch, carrying hot, to the work box connecting to the black going to the light. If that is correct, what would I do with the white from the light?

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Answer by chopsaw
Why don’t you just leave the switch and take it to the light…..that’s all you need. Just remember your neutral needs to return home. that’s the white,the way you are planning it now. So what I’m saying is Box, Switch, Then Light. Then just follow colors.

2 thoughts on “How To Wire – wire from work box to switch, another wire from work box to light?

  1. Jim W. knows his stuff!

    You are correct so far…all you have left is to tie the white from the light to the white coming into the work box.

  2. Light box, white to white, ground to ground, black to black. Switch, black to the top, white to the bottom connection, put black tape on the white wire, ground to the ground screw. In the work box, put a piece of black tape on the white wire from the switch, connect this wire to the black wire to the light, connect the remaining 2 black wires together, wire the 2 white wires together, wire all of the ground (bare) wires together. Apply power and test the circuit. If you have problems, call a qualified professional electrician to do the work.

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