How to clean ickiness off a plastic shower curtain?

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Anne asks:

I am having a plumbing problem that means that my bathtub does not drain for a few hours after a shower. As a result, the bottom of my plastic shower curtain liner has been sitting in shower water, and it is becoming discolored. I’m wondering how I can clean it to get rid of the discoloration. The curtain is clear. Thanks!
The reason it’s worth my trouble: It has a design on it that shows through my outer cloth shower curtain in a nice silhouetted way. I bought it at a specialty shop in Boston and haven’t seen another like it.

Best answer:

Answer by vhines200
Given that clear shower curtain liners cost <$ 5 why not just get a new one? How much is your time worth? And simply replacing the old one is definitely less icky!

4 thoughts on “How to clean ickiness off a plastic shower curtain?

  1. If the discoloration is kinda opaque white versus greenish-brown, then it’s hard water deposits and I’ve successfully used Lime Away to clean that off shower curtains in the past.

  2. most of the times the shower curtains are too long- if it was in the water it means that you can cut that part out- leave enough length so water will not split outside the bath but you probably can cut the icky part out and thus keeping that beloved design

  3. How about an ammonia spray that you can coat the curtain with or something to put in the draining water. Might be a job for *yikes* a mild bleach solution in the draining water.

    Also, i’ve actually washed a plastic shower curtain in the washing machine!

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