How old was your baby when he started taking baths in the bath tub?


melaniemia7 asks:

I’ve been using the baby bath tub, but he’s getting a little big for it. When did your baby start taking baths in the big tub?

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Answer by emma b
About 4months I think, if that, it got to the point where i was putting his baby bath in the big bath to fill the baby bath up and bathing him in there and i thought it seemd a little silly and so started using the normal bath…he was to big anyways for the baby bath!!

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  1. From birth. We used the baby bath tub on occasion, usually when he made a messy and I had already gotten ready for the day. But lots of times it was just easier to take a bath with him. I would poor a bath and get in the tub with him, then hand him off to hubby when he was done getting clean and then continue on with my shower, we did this vice versa also.
    Now he really like to splash and play in the tub and doesn’t want to be held onto and restricted in the tub….. so he usually gets his own baths. I have a bath chair…. which is nice. He is fine to sit up in the tub on his own,,,, but this chair is nice because I don’t have to worry about the occasional slip. When he needs a bath somewhere when we are not home…. he does just fine in the tub sitting up since about 7 months or so. He is 10 months but I still like to use his bath chair…. its nice and easy and safe.

  2. as soon as he could sit up well and started scooting- then i just put a little water in there. he loved being on his belly and scooting around in the bath tub and dunking his head
    befoer then a lot of times i bathed with ym son and held him or all 3 of us took a shower together

  3. I’ve been putting my son in the bathtub with me since he was around a month old. He is a very very long baby and its more difficult to stop him kicking the sides of the baby bath then it is to hold him in the main tub.

  4. I think she was around 4-5 months, she is petite so she used the sink for a while….she NEVER liked the baby bath tub. Thank goodness we only paid 8 bucks for it and used it 3 times.

    Now ..OMYGOSH, she is in heaven with the big girls tub, she rolls around scoots her bottom across the tub, splashes mommy and daddy. I think it is best when they can sit on their own. You just have to be there at all times, and do not take your eyes off them, since its big time fun for them, but a bit more dangerous.

  5. once he was able to sit up… even if it was slouching… I placed his baby bathtub in the big bath tub [to avoid splash messes] and then eventually decided that was too much work and just bought a non-slip foamy bathmat for the tub….

    moved small tub to big tub around 4 months
    put him in big tub around 6 months

  6. Sounds bad, But I cant remember, he must of been around 6-7 months. You can get those little seats to go in the bath, Or if your baby does not sit up yet, have a bath with your baby.

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