How many bathroom breaks do they have in middle school?


♀Homestar♀ asks:

I will be going to middle school next year ( it’s a Catholic school) and I would like to know how many bathroom breaks they have. My friend said she’s scared and might wet her pants in middle school next year. Please reply. Thank you.

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Answer by crzywriter
In most middle schools, you just raise your hand to ask to use the bathroom and typically have to sign out and/or take a pass with you. And if it’s an emergency, a teacher is going to let you go to the bathroom. It’s really not something to worry about

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  1. I hate middle school bathrooms, they’re always so nasty. you usually would get 3 minutes in between periods or ask to go to the bathroom while your in class. but what girl can go to the bathroom in 3 minutes anway?

  2. There is no specific time for bathroom breaks. You go when you have to go. You just get up and go…..Normally you need to carry a Bathroom PAss so you won’t get caught thinking you are cutting school………..

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