How does picking up trash help the enviroment?

Trash Can

Jeffrey K asks:

Everyone urges people not to litter. They say you should put trash in the trash can to help keep the environment clean.

But doesn’t the trash just get thrown into a dump somewhere anyways? Why is better for the enviroment to have one big heap of trash than many little pieces of trash scattered all around?

Best answer:

Answer by Ben
I doesn’t. It improves the lives all the other people in the neighborhood who don’t want to live in filth.

5 thoughts on “How does picking up trash help the enviroment?

  1. Well, people don’t want to live in a dump for one reason. But like you should recycle (put bottles,glass,paper) in a recycle bin. And other stuff in garbage bin. And that “big heap of trash” is a landfill and that is ok because it will be turned into something else that we will use.

  2. In a landfill, the refuse is covered by earth daily and sequestered. When they blow about, plastic bags can wind up in the ocean and be mistaken for jellyfish by nearsighted sea turtles. (They are all nearsighted.) Many of the turtles found washed up on the beach have impacted intestines from the bags. Six-pack rings can get caught on the necks of wildlife. Some animals get stuck in cans and starve to death. On the flip side, snakes can use some sorts of trash as protective cover, so trash piles aren’t 100% bad, just, let’s say, 99%.

  3. It doesn’t. It just relocate the rubbish to a central location. You still end up with the same amount of plastics and other non biodegradables and other methane producing organics.

  4. When trash is scattered around, the environment is an open sore for the bugs/bacteria and other nasties to eat, or grow/multiply in. This is not good for hygiene.

    When trash is compacted/carted off and dumped, it is covered and the bugs/bacteria that can get around to growing make the trash (sometimes) into compost. It is generally far from homes and businesses.

    However, the best thing is to use less stuff that needs throwing away. Buy in bulk (like a 50 pound bag of rice instead of 50 boxes of one pound each.) And keep recycling the stuff that is recyclable – like mil jugs and cardboard boxes.

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