How do you work the drying rack thing that is placed inside the dryer?

Drying Rack

Candypants asks:

I don’t have the manual for our dryer, because it belonged to the previous owner of the house. They left us the rack thingie that fits inside the dryer, which I think is commonly used to place shoes on or other things you don’t want to tumble. But there is no setting for the rack, or will the machine just know not to spin when you put the rack in there?

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Answer by Jake
in ours you just place the rack in ( this may take some work because all of the dryers are different.) Then the dryer will still spin. In ours the rack is out of the way so the dryer continues to spin. Just sit whatever on the rack and turn the dryer to the setting that you want.

3 thoughts on “How do you work the drying rack thing that is placed inside the dryer?

  1. I used to have one that fit into a couple of little dents in the back wall of the dryer, and sort of sat on a lip at the front. What happens when you turn the dryer on is that only the outside of the drum(the curved surface) moves while the back, and obviously the front where the door is, stay still.

  2. Yeah, ours just sets on the bottom of the opening but doesn’t attach to anything inside the dryer, just cantilevers into it. That way the dryer still rotates but the rack remains stationary.

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