How do you thoroughly clean a shower curtain liner?

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I have an opaque vinyl shower curtain liner. It has the magnets to stick to the tub so water doesn’t leak out. Along the bottom 1/3 of the curtain, it has reddish deposits that don’t just simply wipe away. I was wondering how to clean this without buying special cleaners. I don’t think it’s machine washable since it’s plastic and it would probably wrinkle up or rip. Any suggestions other than buying a new one right now?

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Answer by C F
Spray it with bleach and let it sit for a while.
I usually buy the liners from dollar stores so I can just cheaply replace them.

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  1. Bleach will make the vinyl brittle, I would avoid it. The red deposits sound like you have hard water. I would try CLR, or BAM! (from the dollar store). If those do not work, use a solution of vinegar and tea tree oil (from health store). this will help to loosen the deposit so that you can scrub it off.

    To maintain it once you get it clean, spray with a tile and tub daily cleaner. That creates a surface that minerals have a hard time depositing onto.

  2. Put it in the wash machine with two heavy towels with regular detergent; do not put it in the dryer;
    When the wash cycle is done hang it up and let it drip into the shower It will help if you can put bleach in with it when you wash it, so white towels would be best.
    The towels help with the washing by rubbing up against the liner. so just washing the liner alone will usually not get it clean. Or you can also take it down and lay it in the tub and spray with bleach and let set overnight.

  3. what you can do is wash it in the washing machine in warm water with detergent and one of the large bath towels (or even the bath mat). hang it back up immediately, yes it will wrinkle but if you smooth it it will function just fine. also…if there’s a hem on the bottom of the curtain, cut it off, that keeps the water and all the minerals in it from building up on the bottom of the curtain.

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