How do you stop shirts from stretching when on a hanger?


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K, I realized that some of my shirts stretch where the hanger ends are. (The area where your shoulder is is held up by the hanger, then where the hanger ends the shirt drops.) But you end up with 2 hooks sticking out of your shirt on the shoulder area. Idk if this is a result of drying it on the clothesline and the weight of the water brings it down or if it’s becuase I Don’t use them often.

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Answer by Greed_2.0
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4 thoughts on “How do you stop shirts from stretching when on a hanger?

  1. Try not hanging the shirt drape it over the line. Make sure the clothes line is clean. I never hang my shirts because of the stretching.

  2. Try to use only fat, nice hangers that you may have to purchase at Fred’s or the Dollar Store. If your shirt or any clothing is a very heavy fabric-mixed with water you will have a problem. You could also dry them flat which does take longer. I guess you could wrap a regular hanger with something soft and then use it.

  3. You need to upgrade your hangers. Thin hangars cause these problems. Good broad hangers prevent the should bumps. You can get creative and knit hangar covers that increase the width and prefent slippage, you can try putting foam tubes on the hangars, but in the end, better hangars are the answer.

    As for hanging clothes to dry……have you thought of hanging them upside down so the clothespin marks are on the bottom where it is often tucked out of sight? Doesn’t work with all clothes though

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