How do you print on two different sizes of paper from the same document?

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Chris asks:

I have a 110 page document that is in pdf format. Some of the pages are suppose to be printed on legal size paper, some on letter. I have a dual tray printer — one loaded with legal, the other with letter. I can’t seem to figure out how to get it to auto select just based upon the document, so that it will print out correctly. That way I do not have to manually print page per page, changing the printer settings as necessary. As it stands, when I go to printer setup (or through the print icon), it has a place to set the paper size, but nothing for auto select. If I print it all on legal, it has too much extra paper on some pages. If I print it on letter, it shrinks some pages to fit. Neither of these are good options — I need it to be able to self-adjust. Does anyone know if this is an option with Adobe Reader?? My printer is a Brother HL-5250DNT. Thank you in advance!!

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Answer by Your Best Fiend
I don’t think it is an option unless the .pdf has been assembled to select specific paper sizes. If you have the full version of adobe, then you can set up two documents: one with all 8.5 by 11 and the other all 8.5 by 14.

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