How do you determine if you need a ceiling or other support for a corner shower curtain rod?

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Roy7296 asks:

I am trying to determine if I have to put a support in the middle of a corner shower curtain rod. The shower is square and about 40 by 40.

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Answer by orlenda
if it sags? Yeah i’d put it up without and see what happens!

One thought on “How do you determine if you need a ceiling or other support for a corner shower curtain rod?

  1. At that distance from wall to corner of rod, I would use a hanging ceiling support. Any pull at all on the curtain will put too much pressure on the wall, and unless you have used very heavy wall anchors, you will get sag or pull down on your rod.

    Another option is to lose the outside corner of your shower by installing a curved rod, they are becoming much more common these days, but you would still need some kind of hanging support from the ceiling. I would visit a big box home improvement store and talk with them, since you will need to affix the down support rod to the ceiling and need to have the right anchors for that, too. Tell them what kind of ceiling you have. I would surmise that expanding wing nut anchor bolts would suffice, you can buy them as small as 1/8″ diameter and they will hold from a drywall ceiling, especially if you are going to put three or so on the ceiling mount. That would be unnecessary if you are lucky enough to have some kind of joist you can screw into at the exact junction of the right angle and that would be remote.
    Unless you buy a very specially designed rod, you are going to end up with two shower curtains, because one won’t make the right angle due to the rod sticking down. To avoid that, you can wrap the curtain around the angle, but you would be able to open from each side but not all the way through the entire 40X40″ span.
    There are kits for what you want to do.
    Have you thought about seeing if the distances will accommodate glass doors? Today’s right angle doors make a good seal where they come together and don’t leak water through the joint where they meet. More expensive, but nice for looks.

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