how do you clean your shower curtain ?

Shower Curtain

john t asks:

Before i get in the shower, the inside of the curtain looks all white.

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Answer by dagoodlookingoklahoman
Buy a new one.

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  1. the plastic curtain you are talking about is for sale for $ 1 so i wouldnt worry about cleaning it (though you can wash it in the machine with warm water, bleach and soap) i usually just replace mine every year with a 1 time wash (as mentioned above) every 6 months; hang it up wet and it will be fine

  2. If it is a cloth curtain, toss it in the washer with your dirty towels. You can even leave the rings on – take out of the washer when done and rehang while wet. Comes out like new.

  3. Buy a fabric one. I had bought all vinyl ones in the past and ended up having to just throw them out. A fabric one can be taken down and put in the laundry just like any other clothes. It doesn’t cost any more than a vinyl one – a few bucks.

  4. i put it in a bleach let it soak overnight gets the mildew out then wash it in a washing machine but if its a plastic one you better of getting a new one

  5. I’m assuming you mean a shower liner or vinyl curtain….throw it in the washing machine on the delicate cycle with a little detergent and 1/2 cup of bleach … I tried it and it worked perfectly! No dryer though, just hang it back up, it’ll dry on its own.

  6. You have a case of soap scum on your shower curtain (the white stuff) at home depot they have a shower cleaner called Zep, it will clean up your shower curtain well, also vinegar and lemon juice will also do that same!

  7. With patience…When the plastic liner gets nasty to me I just buy a new one (it’s not even $ 5’s)..The other fabric shower curtain gets washed in the washing machine 2X a month…WHY ?

  8. easy, take it down put it in the washer and add a bit of soap and a dash of vinegar and when it is done your good to go. Oh, don’t dry it in the dryer.

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