How do I stop a drip of water from the corner of shower curtain?

Shower Curtain

hepsi_game asks:

Everytime someone takes a shower, the water drips in one corner onto the floor. We thought of switching from a shower curtain to doors… or a curved shower curtain bar so the shower curtain can be pulled further. Has anyone had this problem and fixed it successfully?
Dear Shannon DUH…. What do you think we do now? Swim in it? Of course we have the curtain inside and a towel on the floor. I am looking for a SOLUTION in spite of this. gawd!
THANKS for the real answers! I’ll look into the parts.

Best answer:

Answer by CO#1
they sell little plastic “L” shaped “brackets” that go on the edge of the tub to stop leaks…check at wal-mart, Home depot or Lowes….

3 thoughts on “How do I stop a drip of water from the corner of shower curtain?

  1. I think that this would be a great excuse to install a clear sliding door. They make the bathroom feel a lot larger, and less claustrophobic. Only downside is having to squeegee the glass every time to avoid water spots.

    I know it’s wrong, but I like Shannon’s obnoxious answer too! That’s what my mother would say. Sorry!

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