How do I print different documents from my Brother laser printer?

Legal Tray

L F asks:

I have a Brother 5250DN laser printer. I just installed a second tray. I am trying to print a letter size document and a legal size document at the same time. The top tray is for 8.5×11 paper and the buttom tray is for 8.5×14 paper. I am using a imac with 10.6.4. Any help would appreciated.

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Answer by Denver Al
Basically, you’ll need to set the page sizes to the appropriate paper sizes in the application. Make sure the printer driver is configured to automatic tray selection. I don’t know anything about Mac’s, but in Windows, when you add a paper tray accessory to a printer, you also need to go into the printer’s properties and into the device settings and enable the optional tray that you added so the computer and applications know it’s there and available for it to work. I’m sure there’s something like that in Mac’s as well.

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