How do I keep my bath towel smelling fresh?


Josh asks:

I’m a college kid so keeping laundry costs down is a goal of mine but I need to do something about my bath towel. I hang it up on a hook every time I use it so it’s not like it sits in a pile on the floor. But after only a couple of showers it will start to smell musty. Any suggestions to keep it smelling better longer?

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Answer by charge
When washing your towel put in some fabric softener as this will keep it fresher and also hang it over 2 or 3 hooks so it isn’t so scrunched and this will help it air and dry better.

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  1. You probably don’t have good ventilation where you’re hanging it so the towel is not getting thoroughly dried out. If your bathroom has a window and it’s not too cold outside, crack a window.

    It may be worthwhile to buy one or two more inexpensive towels: That way you don’t have do as many laundries.

  2. I agree with the “hang your towel so more of the surface areas reach the air” answers. Probably the hook isn’t letting the towel “breathe” so it can dry before it’s time for your next shower. I think when I was in college I hung my towel on a plastic hanger in my closet – I lived in a dorm – and folded it in 1/2 longways and then put it over a plastic hanger. If you hang it in your closet (doors open) with no clothes touching it…seems that worked ok for me. I know for me I wash my towels once a week. You also might try spritzing it with Febreze – that might make it smell better too. Good luck!!!

  3. It is better to wash it when you can. Otherwise the next time when you wash your bath towels use GAIN and a sheet of Fabric Softer in the dryer that may help the smell of the wet towel.

    And don’t let other use your bath towels due to the bug going around the MRSA thing.

  4. If you are going to hang your towel you need to make sure it is hanging flat like not on a hook where the towel will bunch also a couple of extra dry sheets placed inside your folded towels will make them smell fresher longer i know your mom taught you better but try to hang over a door or bed the idea is to make sure the damp towel is not bunched this is what causes the musty smell.Are you able to hang dry in a airy area?

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