How do I install laminate floor around marble room divider?


Bridgette asks:

I am installing laminate floor in every room of my basement, except the bathroom. Currently the bathroom is separated via a marble doorway divider that is glued/adhered directly to the concrete slab below. There is tile in the bathroom, but the divider is quite wide, so if I remove it and replace it with a matching laminate doorway divider, it wont be centered on the door frame. Can I undercut the marble with anything? Should I just butt the laminate to it and have a small gap?

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Answer by Bonno
butt it up & there is also a transition strip ( ramp or angled piece ) to put there too…

2 thoughts on “How do I install laminate floor around marble room divider?

  1. The proper way to do this is to leave the normal 1/4″ gap and then use either a laminate reducer or the special laminate carpet stop that covers the edge of the laminate. The reducer you reverse to cover the edge. The reversed carpet bar or stop is the proper way to do this. Its not the normal metal carpet bar you see in places, this in a matching laminate pc.
    Any questions you can e mail me through my avatar. I ve attended several installation seminars as well as installed a few 100,000 s/f. GL

  2. I have this same setup in my master bedroom/bath for the last 5 years, not in the basement though 🙂 The laminate is cut about 1/16″ away from the marble, parallel to it (that’s important) and there is a bead of laminate matching caulk between the laminate and marble. I would not trust the fit if the laminate and marble were perpendicular to each other though.

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