How do I hang a 100lb punching bag from my ceiling?


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The bag came with a heavy duty eye hook which I screwed into the center of a beam in my ceiling and hung the bag from. I began punching the bag and the ceiling and ceiling fan near the bag started to shake. Am I just being paranoid or is it possible that the joist can’t support the weight and movement of the bag and this may cause structural damage to my roof or tear down my ceiling? Is there an alternative way to hang the bag? I don’t have space in my gym for a stand, so I may end up just returning it to the store. Thanks.

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very carefully

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  1. When I was a teenager I would use a hammer and nail to find the edges of a 2 X 4 in the ceiling and screw a huge eye bolt up through the drywall into what I hoped was the center of the on edge 2 X 4. It would’ve been better if I had had a stud finder and had pre-drilled the hole, or had climbed into the attic and reinforced the attachment with a long bolt and washer and nut and added metal and wooden supports but I had no idea back then.

    After a few months or less of light use the eye bolt would work its way out and the whole thing would fall down. I would move it to the next stud over. I worried that the stud might break but it never happened. The wooden hole always gave out before the board.

  2. lol srry thats funny
    hang in basement with a hard ceiling and use a very very very sturdy hook or hook it on and shove it in the wall

  3. You did the right thing by hanging it from a joist (beam), but it would seem that the beam is not strong enough, so what you would do is:
    Using a stout piece of wood (2X10) you would bridge 3 or more joists (beams) to distribute the weight over the 3 or more joists.
    (screws only)

  4. Use four 1 1/2 foot planks and bolt them together to make a square. Run a steel bar across the middle (drill it into the inside of the box making it connect two sides of the box.) drill the box into the ceiliing and hang the bag from the ceiling!
    and if its between the two floor beams put it up in the floor beams (which are on the cieling)

  5. When I had one of these I took down in the basement and used the heavy duty eyehook that came with it and did pretty mcuh what you have stated and it worked fine…it’s probably just because you’re near the fan; if it’s not too big of hassle, move it so it’s not so close to the fan. Good Luck; they are a great way to relieve stress and get a good workout!!

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