How do i get my dog to stop peeing on the wastebasket in my bathroom?



My dog keeps peeing on the trashcan in my bathroom and help will be great THANKS!!!! =)

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you have to rub your dogs face in it it is the only way it will learn

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  1. Simple.

    Shut the bathroom door.

    P.S. DO NOT hit, yell, smack, or physically harm your dog while training! It does nothing but make your dog more frightened of you.

  2. Move the waste basket to the bedroom.

    No. Really …close the bathroom door, and when he goes pee in the living room, throw him off the balcony.

    No. Really …tape his lill winkie shut.

    No. Really …put him in a diaper.

  3. u have to buy something that ur dog hates the smell of! for example garlic and onion! all dogs hate them! put them in ur basket or near it. He/she (the dog) will not go near it anymore. and u can also try and punish the dog when she/he pees there, follow it around until u see it peeing there and then gently shout and it and smack it on the nose (most sensitive place)! hope that helps! or just go see ur dog trainer or vet!

  4. No dog is born with good manners. Pooping on the carpet, leaping enthusiastically onto guests, pulling so hard he practically yanks your arm out of the socket when on walks–that’s all perfectly acceptable in the canine world. It’s up to you to teach your dog to behave the way we humans want him to.

  5. rub his face in it smack his butt and then put him outside where you want him to go to the bathroom out…

    also pay attention to your dog cuz it will let you know when he has to go out but if you don’t let him out…what choice does he have.

  6. wash it out and use stuff to get ride of the smell then move it somewhere else where ur dog cant get it
    or don’t let ur dog go in the bathroom make sure the doors closed
    and ive read on many sites that rubing ur dogs nose in it is the worst thing to do (its like punishment) and u should never punish ur dog

  7. You will have to stop peeing on it in order for him too lol j/k. Take the can outside put some soap in it and scrub it down then rinse it out.

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