How do I get my bathroom floor ready for self adhesive tiles?


Stephanie asks:

I wanted to put some self-adhesive tile in my bathroom because some Nazi thought that it was cool for carpet to be in the bathroom. When I attempted to pull up the carpet to see what was under there, said Nazi had GLUED the carpet to the concrete. What do I need to do to prep my floor for a make-over?

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Answer by extex_cop
Sounds like you have a lot of work ahead for you…..scraping…sanding…cleaning….and sealing off the bare concrete.

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  1. 4inch razor scraper from home depot an extra 10 blades and scrap like a nazi. Then get Ardex feather finish it comes in small 10 lb bags and float the floor. A thin layer will do to ensure contaiments are coveredand floor is level. Sand when dry to get rid of any lines and high spots. mark a strigh line on the floor in which to follow with the tiles and peel and stick like ahhh again a nazi.
    Stand back admire knowing it was done right and will not slide later cause you prepped the floor right and have a brewski and a frankfuter!! Auf wierdersan.

  2. Did you already remove the carpet?

    If not, you will need to cut carpet into 6 in. to a foot wide strips with a razor blade. You will need a lot of blades and some elbow grease to make sure you cut through the backing. Careful not to slip and cut your fingers off.
    Go to the corner and cut into it with the razor blade.
    Rip up carpet with a 4 inch wall paper scraper.
    Scrape up all the glue.

    After removing carpet, purchase a floor primer to prep the surface of the floor to make the glue stick. I’m sure they have them especially for self-adhesive tile.
    Apply the primer using a big brush or roller.
    I could not exactly explain how to line up everything right. Just know your room size and tile size and start from there.

    My advice would to be just have a professional floor installer to check it out and give you a quote. If you already have the materials, you’ll only have to pay for tear out, floor prep and the labor. I hope I could be of some help. Good luck on your bathroom remodel and Damn the Nazis

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