How do I clean the bathroom really fast?



Alright, so I have been out of town for a while, and my little cousin has been using my bathroom…ew. My other cousin is coming in from California tomorrow, and I haven’t seen him since I was three. Both my bathroom and my room are a total mess and I need to get them cleaned pronto. Does anybody have any tips or tricks that would help me get the job done in as little time as possible?

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Answer by Vbonics
Spray the sink or vanity with cleaner and wipe down, clean the toilet and mirrors. That shoud be good enough for a quick clean up. Sweep/mop and clean the tub if you have extra time. Good luck!

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  1. I clean houses for a living–so:spray from top down -shower -mirror sink-toilette and base at bottom. Use windex(or vinegar)
    next : use comet/or javex in the toilette bowl ,scrub and let sit 10min.:Next after windex (or vinegar) has soaked in for 5min. wipe down with used wash cloth or towel #1 tub #2 mirror/sink #3toilette/floor -good to go!

  2. If you had not been at the computer writing this question you could have probably cleaned up your bathroom anyway…
    but hey, i understand your drift. i would rather be hanging here than cleaning too.
    To be serious and answer your question(if your question is serious) is first and foremost just to make sure that the toilet itself is clean.
    Stick some bleach down there and make sure it’s not stained-cuz that’s not nice.a clean loo is the way to go-
    Empty you bins.Chuck out stuff in your fridge that’s not looking it’s best. Buy a plant or fresh flowers if you can afford to. Provide clean bed linen.Hoover round.Sorted.

    And after that don’t over-apologise to your guest for your short-comings. If you are a good-egg people will accept you for who you are.

  3. After your shower use the wash cloth to wipe down the stall. Dry it with the bath towel (after YOU are dry). Next wipe down the mirror, sink, and toilet, in that order – less to most dirty. Dry each with the towel. Lastly scoop up the dust bunnies with the towel and throw the whole lot into the washer.
    As for the bedroom, strip the bed and remake it. Put all dirty laundry into washing piles – white, lights, brights, and darks. Damp dust with a lightly moistened pillow case from the bed. Take the laundry out to the washer and continue to wash. Lastly, run the vacuum.
    This should take you about an hour – more or less.
    Pour yourself a glass of wine.

  4. The toilet and sink are the most important things. Scrubbing Bubbles is fast and does not require alot of hard work. Let it sit a few minutes and rinse/wipe off.

  5. Get a container of clorox bleach wipes, a roll of paper towels, some rubber gloves, and a trash bag.

    Use a scotchbrite pad on anything that needs scrubbing (be careful not to scratch delicate surfaces though.

    Throw on some old clothes, and go to town.

  6. Get off the computer. LOL

    Use the throw away toiled scrubbers. You can use a new one in the tub/shower too, just rinse well

  7. I actually needed to clean my tub out and did not feel like scrubbing like crazy, so I sprayed it down with cleaner and took a deck mop and used that to clean it. Worked great and took hardly any time!

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