How do I build a closet into a small bedroom?

Christina asks:

What is the best use of space for building a closet into a small bedroom? I was thinking maybe an angled closet or some kind of false wall. Any help would be great.

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Answer by Master U
The simplest answer to save space is to use height, eg build an open frame so as to leave the wall clear but on this fram put high cupboards or shelves, this is part of a room that is genrally wasted, so an 18″ shelf all around the room where practicable will give you lots of storage space without apparently losing wall space.

4 thoughts on “How do I build a closet into a small bedroom?

  1. u can try to build a closet using sliding doors or make the most use of the space unter your bed. For example there are beds that have big cupboards unterneath or lifted matress for the maximum use of the space unter.

  2. this may sound a little crazy, but go to Ikea. They have some fantastic, low cost, easy to construct closet options.

    If you build a closet, framed, sheetrocked, door, etc, you loose a significant amount of space just in the mechanical work. there are several options that I was quite surprised by when I started looking at how to put storage in a small bedroom, but I did it and it worked out fantastic.


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