How can I turn my closet into a laundry room?


fruits asks:

I am buying a home that is absolutely perfect- but it doesn’t have a laundry room. There is a closet that backs a bathroom, so all the plumbing is right there- if I buy a small stackable washer/dryer can I turn my closet into a laundry room- what needs to be done? What requirements are there to make it a laundry room- I know there is something with venting… Thanks!

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Answer by Belize Missionary
congratulations on your new home! 🙂

yes. a dryer used to have to be vented to allow the heat and moisture to escape…but technology has caught up and now you can buy combo models where the dryer does not have to be vented. they cost less than $ 20.00 per year to operate, compared to the vented ones.

hope this helps!

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  1. Yes sure. They often put washer dryers in a closet in small apartments. You need to vent the dryer (exhaust of moist air from the dryer). Many towns in the US have a code for venting. So check at your local municipal building. Some codes allow plastic flexible vent pipes, while others require metal. You have to install a grounded electric outlet. If the dryer is electric, you may need an second outlet with 220 volts. If the dryer is gas, it gets a little more complicated, because you need a gas connection with a shutoff valve. Check the dryer requirements and again check your town for gas hookup code requirements. Finally you need hot and cold water hookups with shutoff valves.

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