How can I towel dry my hair properly?


MaskedRider asks:

I normaly towel dry my hair after showering/having a bath and it is fine but my hair is very messy afterwards and naturally it is not the same as using a blow dryer. Although when I blow-dry some of my hair usually “stands up” and that is really bad, as I can’t get it to stay down even with gel. Also I’ve heard its not healthy for hair to be blow-dryed in the long run.

Can I get some tips on towel drying effictively and getting hair as dry as possible (as I never get my hair anyway near as dry as being blow-dryed).


PS: I’m a guy!

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Answer by Hannah P
are you gay?!

4 thoughts on “How can I towel dry my hair properly?

  1. longish hair: pat dry lightly. with head tilted to one side, position your hands as if you’re about to clap (lightly) and have hair in between the palms.
    hair not long enough to be pat dried: blot dry until it’s not dripping.

    blow-drying hair isn’t that big of a deal if you allow hair to be 15% wet (ie. don’t blow-dry until it’s totally dry) when you stop. if it’s warm enough out (determined by you), why not wrap towel around your head until it’s not dripping, and then let dry naturally?

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