How can I set itunes to send whatever I delete to the recycle bin?


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Well, whenever I delete a song, it never appears in the recycle bin. All it is doing is removing it from my library. Whenever I delete an app, it will ask me if I want to remove it from my library or send it to the recycle bin.

How can I sent itunes to send my music to the recycle bin whenever I click delete?

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Answer by ADHD Revolution
You have to first have iTunes managing your files as well. This means it will store them all in your My Music folder (under iTunes > iTunes Music). It also means it can delete and rename the files. The Windows version of iTunes doesn’t default to this, as it can confuse multiple media players. If you want to set it up, here’s how:

1. In iTunes, from the “Edit” menu, choose “Preferences”.
2. Click on the “Advanced” tab.
3. Place a check mark in both of these boxes:
a. Keep iTunes Music folder organized.
b. Copy files to iTunes Music folder when adding to library.
4. Click the “OK” button to save your changes.
NOTE: This last step will move all your music files into My Music.
5. From the “Advanced” menu, choose “Consolidate Library”.

Once it finishes, iTunes will be managing the files for your music directly… and whenever you delete you’ll have the “Move this file to the trash” question.

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