How can I make a 90 degree angle shower curtain rod?

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Kiss Me Im Irish asks:

My shower is in the corner of my bathroom. I tried making a curtain rod out of pvc pipe with grippers on the end to hold to the wall better and tie it with fishing wire to the ceiling. It didn’t work. I know you can buy them but I’m trying to keep it cheap. Has anyone ever made something that worked?

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Answer by Joe
Two blocks of wood, dilled at the angle you need then put the PVC pipe into it and screw it to the wall.

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  1. If the wall isn’t solid, then you can’t drill in it. I’d make two matching angled blocks of wood with my table saw. I would then use my drill and hole saw to cut two holes or half holes to set the pipe into. You can glue the blocks of wood to the wall with GOOP, and it will never come off. You can buy GOOP at Home Depot or a hardware store for about $ 5 a tube. It’s great stuff.

    Maybe you could get 4 pieces of wood about 3 or 4 inches long and less than an inch thick. Then, you are in business. Glue two pieces horizontally to keep the rod up and two pieces vertically to keep the rod from falling out. You don’t have to worry about the rod falling inward.

    My last idea is probably my best idea by far. The studs in the wall are topped off with a top plate where the wall meets the ceiling. It runs all along that joint. You could screw two 3″ screws at an angle into the corner. You should hit wood. In fact, the top 1 1/2 of the wall should have a top plate behind it so maybe you wouldn’t want to angle it too much. Then, run a short wire or rope from the secure screws. That sounds like you best bet. Good luck.

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