How can i give my rat a bath without stressing her out?


emily asks:

Well i’ve been thinking to myself that when the day comes i’ll give her a small bath. But shes still young (about three months old) and shes still getting used to my house since i bought her almost two weeks ago. Is there a better way for her to get a bath without stressing her out?

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Answer by Opal
I give my mice baths ALL the time otherwise they smell like pee lol so all i do is get my hands wet and wet them thourghly they look pretty sad and pretty durn funny while their wet but is works like a charm they drythemselves of just makesure you holdd them untill they dry or they get stuff stuck to they’re wet fur it only takes like 15 minutes in all

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  1. First of all you can kill your rats by taking them a bath [mine died, Rip Cheesy], the vet even told me.Rats clean themselves by licking themselves.But if you must just get a wet warm towel with a tiny i mean TINY bit soap and rup it gently on her,then just get the rat and get another towel that is just wet with warm water and rup it gently on her.Then just put a warm cloth on her to dry and she shhould smell better.
    But seriously is a bath really needed?

  2. It depends on why you want to give her a bath?

    Like cats, rats are self-grooming. The only times that a domesticated rat will ever smell and/or need a bath are if it falls ill or if the owner has neglected it. By litter training the rat, thoroughly cleaning the cage once a week, spot cleaning it daily and feeding the rat a proper diet you ensure its health and cleanliness. Neutering males and keeping a minimum of two rats also helps, since males mark and urinate more and rats need a companion to groom them properly.

    That said, it is not true that rats “hate” water. In my experience rats are like people in this sense. Any person would hate being dunked in a pool suddenly, if they had no familiarity with water. But if introduced to water properly most rats learn to love to wade into small bowls or fish for treats and toys. If you want to introduce your rat to the joys of water, simply add a small wading pool to their normal free range area (one that is very shallow and that they can easily hop in and out of at their discretion). You may show them that it is fun to be wet by gently splashing them or playing in the water with your hand. But never ever force a rat into water. Like people, they risk becoming permanently terrified of it. Also, you must be sure that the water is clean. Tap water is not recommended because the additives that may be harmless to us are intensely harmful to rats.

  3. Rats, like cats, clean themselves. And also like cats, they hate baths. If you absolutely NEED to bathe her, get some small animal no-rinse shampoo.

  4. Rats do not need baths. They are supposed to have their own scent. But if you insist on giving her one, then I suggest using a wet washcloth. Clean the areas with it that are dirty. Do not get any water near or in ears. After that just let the air dry the hair. She should be all clean after that. Hope this helped. 🙂

  5. Im not sure how, but to tell ya the truth, you don’t really need to. Rats, (like cats), are very clean animals and can take care of them selves just fine. Really, i think giving them baths can harm them more than help. If you still would prefer to give a bath, i do not recommend using soap, just water. The soap could hurt the little girls skin. Good luck!!

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