How can i get my recycle bin back after i accidently deleted it?


Manuel asks:

OK listen now. I was emptying out my recycle bin when instead of clicking “EMPTY RECYCLE BIN” i clicked “DELETE RECYCLE BIN”. And now i don’t know how to get it back i tried searching for it but i just cant find it. IS there a website i can go to download one or what?

Best answer:

Answer by oliverm
there is not a button that says delete recycle bin, they would not be as stupid to put one on there.

3 thoughts on “How can i get my recycle bin back after i accidently deleted it?

  1. I just did the SAME EXACT thing!!

    And zomg_hacker knows what he’s talking about! I did what he said and I had my recycle bin back!!

  2. you cant deleat recycle bin lol you may have just misplaced (you probely put it in a different folder or somthing

    what you can do is go my computer and search (search is the fouth button from the back button) and click on all files and folders then type in recycle bin and hit the search button

    this should do the trick 🙂

    or if you have windows xp go desktop, then right click, go properties, click desktop and there should be a button that says customize desktop then, just click on the button that says restore defaults and recycle bin should appear back

  3. I assume you’re in Vista. Just right-click on your desktop, go to Personalize, and then at the left pane, click on Change Desktop Icons. A window will open and just make sure that Recycle Bin is checked off.

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